Comparing Visa Fees Around the World

Where Visa Fees Break the Bank: Find Out the Cheapest and Most Expensive Countries

Comparing Visa Fees Around the World: Where It’s Cheapest and Most Expensive: Requirements and Benefits: An Overview of Different and Their Specific Requirements


When planning international travel, one of the most significant considerations is the cost of obtaining a visa. Visa fees vary greatly depending on the country, the type of visa, and the applicant’s nationality. Understanding these costs can help travelers budget effectively and avoid any financial surprises. This blog post will explore the visa fees of various countries, highlighting where it’s cheapest and most expensive, and provide an overview of different visa requirements and benefits. Click for More Visa Updates

Main Body Comparing Visa Fees Around the World

Comparing Visa Fees Around the World

Tourist Visas

Cheapest Countries for Tourist Visas:

  • Thailand: Thailand offers a visa-free entry for tourists from many countries for stays up to 30 days. For those needing longer stays, a tourist visa costs approximately $40.
  • Indonesia: Visa on Arrival (VoA) for many nationalities costs around $35 and allows a stay of up to 30 days.
  • Morocco: Visa-free for citizens of many countries, including the USA, EU, and Australia, for stays up to 90 days.

Most Expensive Countries for Tourist Visas:

  • Russia: A single-entry tourist visa costs around $160 for US citizens, with additional costs for visa support documents and processing fees.
  • China: A single-entry tourist visa costs $140 for US citizens. Processing fees may vary by nationality.
  • India: The e-Tourist Visa (eTV) fees vary between $10 to $100, depending on the nationality and duration of stay.

Practical Tips:

  • Check for Visa-Free Agreements: Many countries have reciprocal visa-free travel agreements. Always check if your destination is one of them.
  • Use Official Websites: Always use official government websites for visa applications to avoid scams and additional charges.

Work Visas

Cheapest Countries for Work Visas:

  • New Zealand: The Working Holiday Visa costs around $200, offering young travelers from various countries the opportunity to work and travel for up to 12 months.
  • Australia: The Work and Holiday Visa (subclass 462) costs around $485 and allows for a 12-month stay with work rights.

Most Expensive Countries for Work Visas:

  • United States: The H-1B visa application fee is $460, but additional fees (including attorney fees) can bring the total cost to several thousand dollars.
  • United Kingdom: Tier 2 (General) work visa fees start at £610 ($800) for a short-term visa, with higher fees for longer durations and additional services.

Practical Tips:

  • Employer Sponsorship: Many work visas require employer sponsorship. Ensure you have a job offer before applying.
  • Understand the Requirements: Work visas often have specific requirements regarding qualifications and work experience. Double-check these before applying.

Student Visas

Cheapest Countries for Student Visas:

  • Germany: Student visa fees are around €75 ($85). Germany also offers many tuition-free or low-cost education options.
  • France: The student visa fee for non-EU students is around €50 ($57), with numerous scholarships available to international students.

Most Expensive Countries for Student Visas:

  • United States: The F-1 student visa application fee is $160, with additional costs for SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) registration.
  • Australia: The student visa (subclass 500) costs AUD $630 ($420), with potential additional fees for health checks and other requirements.

Practical Tips:

  • Start Early: Student visas often require extensive documentation, including proof of enrollment and financial support. Begin the process early to avoid delays.
  • Scholarships and Grants: Research available scholarships and grants that can help offset the cost of both visas and tuition.

Business Visas

Cheapest Countries for Business Visas:

  • Singapore: Business visa fees are around SGD $30 ($22), with a fast and efficient processing system.
  • Malaysia: The single-entry business visa costs around $50, with multiple-entry options available at higher fees.

Most Expensive Countries for Business Visas:

  • Russia: Business visa fees vary but can be quite high, with a 12-month multiple-entry visa costing around $350.
  • United States: The B-1 business visa fee is $160, with potential additional costs for expedited processing.

Practical Tips:

  • Letter of Invitation: Many business visas require a letter of invitation from a host company. Ensure you have all necessary documents before applying.
  • Multiple-Entry Options: If you need to travel frequently, consider a multiple-entry visa to save on repeated application fees.


Visa fees can significantly impact travel budgets, varying widely depending on the destination and type of visa. By understanding these costs and requirements, travelers can better plan and avoid unexpected expenses. Always use official resources and start the application process early to ensure a smooth and cost-effective experience. If you have any questions or personal experiences to share, feel free to leave a comment below!

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